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Ihre Glas

Do you know the story behind the honey you buy?

It all starts with the hard labor of the bees and passionate and skillful beekeepers. But the journey from the hive to your spoon is intricate and often unknown.

At Melliris, we can show you exactly where every jar comes from and we guarantee its perfect taste – as delightful as Mother Nature only can offer.

See for yourself! Track your jar belowand check the quality of your honey step by step.

The Melliris story continues with you.

Marin Preda

I have inherited the passion for beekeeping from my father. I consider it a duty of honor and passion to pass it on to future generations. With Melliris, I can now share this gift of nature with people all over the world that appreciate a pure honey . This way, I acknowledge our ancestors’ legacy…

Tudor Boia

I believe that the base of real beekeeping resides in authenticity and a strong bond with nature. Our ways of handling bees and our love for these creatures are inherited from our ancestors and are translated into a pure honey that I’m most proud of.

Ion Surdu

If you have ever used one of our products you already know that we try to respect and preserve traditional techniques from our regions. Also, we want to show the world that our products represents so much more… they represent a family that knows how to respect the nature and the environment.

Eugen Bechir

My life has changed when I read my first book about bees. My passion for these magnificent creatures has blossomed continuously and turned me into the beekeeper that I am today. Through Melliris I can bring to the people worldwide the honey born out of a perfect union between nature and bees.

Marin Sandu

Nature always had for us everything we needed for survival, but decided to spoil us when it gave us honey. Spreading the joy of honey is what gives me the greatest satisfaction of being a beekeeper.

Albinel Firescu

Ich war mein Leben lang Imker und würde meinen Beruf gegen nichts auf der Welt tauschen wollen. Das Schaffen der Bienen und die Ruhe dieses Landes haben mir vor Augen geführt, dass das höchste Wissen, das ich mir jemals aneignen kann, die Liebe für alles Natürliche ist … von einem einfachen Leben bis zu dem…

Marcel Tuturuga

Wir bei Melliris gehen die Dinge anders an. Wir haben nicht nur über Jahrzehnte die Geheimnisse der Honigherstellung gehütet, sondern wissen auch, dass wir Ihnen durch den Respekt, die Unversehrtheit und die Schlichtheit den wertvollsten Reichtum der Natur in seiner reinsten Formvollendung darbieten können.

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